Starting a Farm..

Although I have known for year that I wanted to start a farm, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I made the decision to do it now, and here at our home. As some of you may know we are a little low on soil and high on rocks and weeds. So starting now, I begin the journey of building up the soil, picking the rocks out and making a grow at it (see what I did there?).

The first step was to write a business plan, and I swear I am most of the way through a first draft. But today I really wanted to get to doing some of the exciting stuff!! So I went ahead and registered the name, planned the CSA, calculated the total square footage of bed space I will need, did a rough setup of the website, measured the growing area, plotted out positions of the greenhouses, wash station/cold room and coverall, sent out some important emails and started selecting seeds. Busy day, I know!

The plan is to run an experimental 20 person CSA the first year (friends and family only), this way I have more room to experiment and potentially mess up! It also gives me time to get my organic certification setup before going public. I will be at the North Gower and Kemptville farmers markets in 2016 selling my produce, preserves and maybe a few other exciting things. I am also hoping to launch a Ready to Cook Meal subscription service, read about it here.

We will be farming on about an acre with 2 acres in cover crop for our rotation. The goats and chickens will be out to pasture in the cover cropped fields, enriching the soil as they snack their way around. We will likely have to do raised beds for the first few years, which will limit the amount of production, but help me to stay focused on the task of building up the soil.

Next year will be a year of learning, playing, experimenting and perfecting things on the farm. We look forward to the presence of friends and family along the way! Stay in touch and look forward to many, many posts along the way!

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